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Behind the scenes at a wedding reception

Last week I was asked to play at a wedding reception in Faversham, Kent. The wind was blowing, drizzle was doing it’s best to fluff up my recently straightened hair… and a lorry crashed into my car just as I was about to leave Tunbridge Wells.

This was the first time I have had to use my “emergency contact number” to inform the venue that I might not be too early to set up. Scrabbling around for pen and paper and rushing the delivery drivers to give me their contact details, this wasn’t the calm start to an afternoon’s work I was hoping for. Can you imagine calling a bride and groom and telling them to put a pause on their big day, as you’re “running a bit late”? I definitely had the fear.

Thankfully the car was driveable and I made it to Faversham in time, negotiated the one-way system, found a parking space thanks to the lovely staff at the brewery, and was ready to set up with 20 minutes to spare. If a little dishevelled.

The couple had returned to the UK for their wedding reception and there was a lovely mix of nationalities and friends from all walks of life. It only took a couple of pieces before conversation was flowing and the atmosphere really warmed up. The staff at the brewery were really kind and welcoming in front of their guests, and when they weren’t present: a great sign of a well-managed venue! The photographer, Sophie Griffiths (, was great at snapping people at their most relaxed and, I noticed whilst playing, was very good at getting the children at their best.

I enjoyed a varied audience: relatives; friends; and familes with children lingering to stare at my violin – and have a go at plucking the strings to make their own music! By far the highest compliment of the day was a couple of Japanese ladies who spent the majority of the reception sat next to me, listening and smiling. At the end of the drinks and canapes, one asked to take a photo of my set list as she had enjoyed so many of the tunes. “Arigatou” she repeated over and over, bowing to me. What a brilliant end to a day that could have turned out so differently!

Shepherd Neame Brewery, Faversham 4th May 2013.

POST TITLE: Behind the scenes at a wedding reception
AUTHOR: Jenny Maslin
POSTED: 15th May 2013

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  1. Jennifer,
    What a start! Loved reading your ‘Behind the Scenes’ view. Really enjoyed the afternoon at The Brewery.
    Hope to see you again soon.
    Best Wishes

    Comment by Sophie Griffiths — 15/05/2013 @ 3:51 pm

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