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Well I’ve been back a week and China seems so far away and so long ago! I think my brain was left somewhere along the flight path, and is now desperately trying to catch up and find it’s way back. I’m still struggling energy wise but then I suppose jetlag and a long tour does that to you! It’s so good to be back home with Mr Maslin and the bunnies. And eat cheese.

This week’s been one for catching up: repairing my poor violin; looking at new bows; and getting back into term time lessons and rehearsals. Yesterday was fun with an Oriana Quartet rehearsal and photo shoot courtesy of Michael Houghton. We’re excited to see the outcome! Photos to be uploaded shortly.

I feel like I’ve somehow missed making New Year’s resolutions, which is probably a good thing as then I don’t have to break any. Still, looking to a year of new ventures, I’ve some exciting gigs lined up already – bring on 2012!

AUTHOR: Jenny Maslin
POSTED: 23rd January 2012

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