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China Tour: Day 8, Nanning

We were up this morning at 5am to get a flight to Nanning, South China. One flight turned into two as we stopped off to pick up passengers half way, somewhere, and have the plane cleaned and we didn’t arrive at our hotel until around midday.

Anna, Lianna and I braved the city without a map and eventually found what we were craving – some Western food! Satisfied, we ventured back past roads full of mobile phone shops and people staring at us. We seemed to be the only Westerners in sight and a real novelty. We even had a girl giggling and following us for a while. Nanning feels like the busiest city outside of Shanghai. Crossing the road was just crazy with bikes and rickshaws coming at you from all angles, not to mention the cars! It also feels like the smoggiest.

I was quite relieved to get back to the hotel and enjoy another lovely Chinese feast and drinks with the orchestra.

POST TITLE: China Tour: Day 8, Nanning
AUTHOR: Jenny Maslin
POSTED: 3rd January 2012

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