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China Tour: Day 5 Wujiang, Souzhou

Today started with a much needed lie-in and a latte. I’ve never seen Lianna so delighted at the sight of coffee! An hour’s drive to our new location, Wujiang in south Souzhou and the hotel’s lovely. They were even laying new carpet as we arrived. I’m sure it was in our honour.

We had the afternoon free so we jumped in a taxi to the ancient village of Tongli, a World Cultural Heritage site. There we saw the old China whilst the sun was shining – a welcome change to the smog and high rise buildings of Shanghai. The highlights were the Pearl Pagoda with beautiful gardens and temple as well as the rather unexpected experience of being “famous” for the afternoon as local tourists grabbed us for a photo – 3 westerners being another attraction. The novelty soon wore off, especially when some began following us. I can’t at all see the appeal of even 15 minutes of fame!

This evening we played just down the road at the Wujiang People’s Theater and we were all very grateful for the heating being on – small things! Members of local government and sponsors of the tour were in the audience tonight so pre-concert anticipation was high. Third concert in, and we were well into the swing of things. It’s not surprising how much better one plays when not frozen too. The programme went down a treat, with a special round of applause after continuing to play through a brief blackout during the 2nd waltz of the Blue Danube!

Comment of the day: “It’s nice. It was definitely some kind of meat.”

POST TITLE: China Tour: Day 5 Wujiang, Souzhou
AUTHOR: Jenny Maslin
POSTED: 30th December 2011

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