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China Tour: Day 16 Yongchuan

Today we ventured out into Yongchuan. It’s very different to anywhere else we’ve been. It seems to be a lot poorer and a lot of redevelopment is being done wherever you go.

Walking down the street people were calling to us and grinning. Little children were giggling and smiling at us. We’re even more of novelty here – the look of surprise when someone catches sight of us is very strange!

Sue and I went further into the side streets to check out the street markets. In one glance there are street butchers next to cobblers, spices, vegetables and clothes. We saw live eels in buckets, chickens in baskets, women and men carrying baskets across their shoulders or weighing things on sticks with the old style weights. There was a live duck tied up being kicked by an old man to see whether it was worth buying to eat, and an old lady singing folk tunes in a square, accompanied by a man on a Casio keyboard with people standing by and singing along.

Tonight is our last concert of the tour at the Yongchuan Culture & Arts Theatre. I’m really looking forward to it – a grand finale and then the last bit of travelling to home sweet home!

POST TITLE: China Tour: Day 16 Yongchuan
AUTHOR: Jenny Maslin
POSTED: 10th January 2012

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