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China Tour: Day 10, Nanning

After being ill, I’d normally plump for a rich tea biscuit or a cracker to get me going again, but of course today that wasn’t an option! Lianna and I went to the supermarket where we managed to confuse a bunch of very helpful sales assistants with our mime requests and in the end we were all in hysterics. We finally got what we wanted and headed to Maccy D’s for some food that my stomach would recognise. I have never enjoyed French fries so much.

We then wandered around Nanning a little and discovered the Chinese shoe shops. Chinese shoes are beautiful – we could have bought a whole suitcase back with us if baggage allowance permitted! Every shoe had some detail on it to make it unique and delicate. Tiny sequins or bows on every boot. I’ll stop there as I’m sure some of you aren’t quite as enthusiastic about footwear as me…

As the weather was so rainy we decided to have our first rickshaw experience back to the hotel and thoroughly enjoyed it. It wasn’t actually as crazy as we’d expected and the 60p fare was far more preferable that a 20 minute walk!

We had a 3 hour drive to our concert tonight in Guigang Culture Plaza. Unfortunately the venue was freezing again. The “hole-in-the-ground” toilets are also a bit of a challenge in full concert dress but we’re getting used to it by now. A bit like camping. The highlight of the of the concert was a butterfly flying around the orchestra during the Emperor’s Waltz then settling upon Sheila, our Orchestra Manager and oboist’s hand for a rest.

I’m afraid to say I couldn’t manage the lavish dinner they put on for us after the concert. Eating dinner at 11pm is a bit of a struggle anyway, but complete poussins, with chicken heads staring out, and what appeared to be testicle soup proved too much for my still tender stomach. I took the weedy option and enjoyed plain rice and broccoli.

POST TITLE: China Tour: Day 10, Nanning
AUTHOR: Jenny Maslin
POSTED: 5th January 2012

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