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BBC Radio Kent

I was contacted today by the Pat Marsh show on BBC Radio Kent to add to the discussion surrounding the fantastic news of the retrieval of Min-Jin Kym’s stolen Stradivarius violin. The violin was stolen from Kym whilst in a sandwich shop and had been missing for over two years. It is estimated to be worth £1.2 million – just a little more than the value of my violin! Needless to say she is over the moon at its recovery, not just from a financial point of view but because all musicians develop a special relationship with their instrument that others cannot replace: you choose it for its unique tone and spend hours practising and playing it, gradually learning to understand its individual quirks to get the best sound possible out of it. Congratulations to Min-Jin and here’s the audio clip!

BBC Radio Kent

AUTHOR: Jenny Maslin
POSTED: 31st July 2013

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